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About our dentures in Southport

Here at Southport Park Family Dental, we pride ourselves on providing the latest technologies and treatments including dentures. Southport residents no longer have to put up with missing teeth or indeed clunky appliances that move in the mouth whenever they eat or talk.

Instead, our dentures are sleek, contemporary and incredibly lifelike, yet remain both functional and comfortable. While the base is typically made from acrylic for a better fit, each tooth restoration is expertly crafted with care from hard-wearing dental porcelain to provide the patient with a flawless and lifelike smile.
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denture clinic Southport
Types Of Dentures in Southport

Just like a denture clinic, Southport residents are able to benefit from a selection of denture types depending upon their oral condition.

A partial denture, for example, is a particularly good option when a patient has lost teeth in the lower jaw or when there is a lack of teeth to support a dental bridge. For enhanced aesthetics, patients can also opt for tooth-coloured clasps.
Alternatively, a full denture is required when a patient is missing an entire arch of teeth or need their remaining teeth extracted. Our full dentures are lightweight, comfortable and provide patients with a better quality of life.

Implant-Retained Dentures

The other type of dentures we offer at Southport Park Family Dental is implant-retained. As the name suggests, an implant-retained denture is held in place by a series of dental implants which are placed into the jaw.

The main advantage of this type of cosmetic denture is that they eliminate the need for dental adhesive because they remain securely in the mouth. Moreover, because of improved stability, there is less risk of patients experiencing tender gums. Finally, since dental implants are designed to prevent further bone loss in the jaw, facial structure is retained.

denture clinic Southport

Will Dentures In Southport change my appearance?

If you’ve been missing teeth, dentures will obviously change your appearance. Denture teeth are supposed to simulate a natural smile that’s why it is very important to talk to us first before you get started so you can identify your expectations and what changes in your appearance you may. Additionally, We will explain and discuss how you would like your denture teeth and smile to look, and how your teeth looked previously with regard to size, shape, spaces and color.


Need Dentures in Southport?

Missing one or more teeth can be a miserable experience that may dramatically alter a person’s quality of life. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with missing teeth. Instead, we invite you to come and speak to our dentist Dr Carlos Cabrera and his team at Southport Park Family Dental. He will talk with you and take you through all your denture options here in Southport, Qld so that you can make a fully informed dental decision about your oral health.

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