Tooth Fillings in Southport

White Fillings

Southport Park Family Dental

White Fillings

At Southport Park Family Dental we only place white fillings. We can also replace old unaesthetic amalgam fillings that have cracked and decayed with white fillings. White fillings are also known as composite fillings.

When is a Tooth Filling Required?

A filling may be recommended when there is decay in a tooth or due to trauma to the tooth. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria. Everyone has bacteria in the mouth, some of these are helpful and others can be harmful. Bacteria feed on the sugars and starch from the food we eat and drink which causes plaque on the teeth. Bacteria create acids from feeding on the sugar and starches which begin to break down the hard outer layer of the teeth (the enamel). Overtime, the enamel is weakened and destroyed which forms a cavity (dental caries).

If left untreated, the cavity can become worse and affect the next hard deeper tissue layer of the tooth known as the dentine. Once it reaches this layer of the tooth, this is when you may experience symptoms such as sensitivity and/or pain to hot, cold and sweets. If the decay progresses further into the tooth it can affect the pulp chamber which holds the nerves and blood vessels. Once the decay reaches this layer more severe symptoms are experienced, and it is likely either a root canal or extraction may be required. Unfortunately, once a cavity is formed, it will not go away unless you receive treatment from a dentist.

Signs of Tooth Decay

If identified early, you may have no signs or symptoms of tooth decay. As the decay becomes worse and affects the deeper layers of the tooth you may experience sensitivity or pain to hot, cold, air and sweets.

Who Needs Fillings?

Tooth decay can affect any tooth. This means that it can affect people of all ages, from babies to older adults.

How is Tooth Decay Diagnosed?

A dentist will examine the teeth during your check-up and clean or dental consultation. They may ask if you have had any symptoms, inspect the teeth, and take X-rays.

Composite (white) Fillings

When tooth decay has been identified on the tooth, the dentist will remove the dental caries from the tooth. The cost of a filling can vary depending on the number of tooth areas that have been affected and required to be filled. Once the caries has been removed, the tooth surface is prepared so it can be bonded to the composite (white) filling material. The composite material is placed into the tooth cavity and set with a fluorescent light. The dentist will then check your bite so it feels comfortable for you and will then smooth and polish the filling. The composite (white) fillings aim to look similar to your natural teeth to provide an aesthetically appealing look.